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Special Issues of Journal of Applied Logics (JALs)

» Latest Special Issue on MVL and Applicatoins
(Call for Papers)

The Journal of Applied Logics (JALs-ifCoLog) will publish a special issue on Multiple-Valued Logic and Applications. You are invited to submit an article on any subject in the area of multiple-valued logic, including but not limited to:

Circuit/Device Implementaion
Multi-bit per Cell Logic & Memory
Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams
MVL Aspects of Nanotechnology
Quantum Computing
System-on-Chip Technology
Test and Verification
VLSI Architecture and Computing
Brain Scale Integration Circuit and Computing
Reversible, Stochastic Computing
Application of MVL to Medical Technologies, robotics, machine learning
Spectral Techniques
Algebra and Formal Aspects
MVL approaches to Data Mining and Big Data

» History of Special Issues

The Special Issues have been published since 2018. History of the Special Issues is as follows:

Year Volume Number Special Issue Guest Editors
December 2023 10 6 Multiple-valued Logic 2023 Martin Lukac,
Jovanka Pantović
June 2022 9 3 Multiple-valued Logic Martin Lukac,
Shinobu Nagayama
June 2021 8 5 Multiple-valued Logic:
Selected Papers from ISMVL2020
Martin Lukac,
Yasushi Yuminaka,
Kaitlin N Smith
January 2020 7 1 Multiple-valued Logic Martin Lukac
December 2018 5 9 Current Trends in Multiple Valued Logic Design Martin Lukac,
Robert Wille

JALs Special Issue:

» Paper Submission Deadline:
   August 31, 2024

» Notification to Authors:
   November 31, 2024

» Deadline for Revisions:
   April 30, 2025