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Winners of Kenneth C. Smith Early Career Award in Microelectronics

documents The winners of K.C. Smith Award are as follows:

Year Winner Achievement
2024 n/a
2023 Takashi Hirayama Contributions to reversible logic circuits
2022 Akira Ito A Formal Approach to Identifying Hardware Trojans in Cryptographic Hardware

2021 Kaitlin Smith Contributions to quantum computing systems and circuits
2020 Daisuke Suzuki Contributions to non-volatile multiple-valued FPGAs
2019 Yosuke Iijima Contributions to signal integrity of multiple-valued logic based transmitter and receiver
2018 Mathias Soeken Contributions to the design methods for novel microelectronics circuits based on multiple-valued logic
2017 Rei Ueno Formal Design of Pipelined GF Arithmetic Circuits and Its Application to Cryptographic Processors
2016 Naoya Onizawa Contributions to the design of high-speed and energy-efficient microelectronics circuit architectures based on multiple-valued logic
2015 n/a
2014 Hiroki Nakahara A Machine to Evaluate Decomposed Multi-Terminal Multi-valued Decision Diagrams for Characteristic Functions
2013 Mostafa Rashdan Comparing Performance of a Multiple-Valued Time-Based Serial Data Link with Other Serial Links
2012 Masanori Natsui Process-Variation-Resilient OTA Using MTJ-Based Multi-Level Resistance Control